October shores

I don’t know if there is something geographically special about Lancing beach that makes it a favourite for kite surfers or if it is due to offshore activity regulations or just availability of car park & utilisation etc.. but when the wind blows you know the water will be filled with kite surfers. Lancing Kite Surfing club meets here so perhaps that is reason enough.

the choppy shoreline of Shoreham bay is peppered with brightly coloured kite surfer kites.
Kite surfers fill Shoreham Bay – Oct 2020

It’s a target rich environment for photography but also quite challenging. The beach is South facing and in Autumn & Winter the low angle of the sun makes for some very dramatic lighting and when shooting manually requires constant rapid exposure corrections. When these were taken I was still using Av or Tv modes probably autofocus and I hadn’t managed to find the Spot meter mode either.

A kite surfer hangs high in the air above the surf
This was only about 1/3rd of the height this kite surfer reached. I had to wait for ages until I could fit him in the frame with the sea.

I hadn’t yet worked out how to switch the light meter to spot. I actually love hard light & silhouettes but this surfer had so much air I had to wait several seconds before I could fit him & the water in the frame. So I deliberately embraced a hyper processed feel to render the surfer recognisable. I hope he finds his way to this blog for a full resolution version.

The fantastic thing about a South facing beach in the sunniest stretch of coast in the UK is the vast expanse of sky and the amazing and endless colours and textures offered as a backdrop to the biological dramas that play out often unnoticed beneath our noses.

A crow on a pebbly beach with a crab in it's beak. surf breaks in the background.
Green tinged surf pounds a wooden groin on the shoreline
A crow watches a bright red sunrise on a desolate beach

These colours of the sky and the sea are typical in the colder half of the year here. With the sea varying from Brown, to green to blue depending on the weather & the light.

A gull soars against a grey-blue cloud streaked sky, high above the silhouette of a black labrador in the surf
Gull Herder

Frequently I encounter almost monochrome scenes. This image of a dog trying to herd a seagull is a collection of smeared greys

Well I think this page is overloaded enough with images for now.

Take care, stay safe, wear a mask & keep social distancing.

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