Shame is not for the wealthy

Mewling discarded spermatozoon Jacob Rees-Mogg, once again determined to prove that you don’t have to have a heart or even be vaguely human to be a mouthpiece for the UK wing of the US Republican party, condemned Unicef yesterday for dedicating £25,000 to feeding starving UK children in poverty.

A man who got paid £500 an hour for consulting for an investment firm on top of his MPs salary according to Channel 4’s dispatches programme (11th March 2019), has reportedly made millions in investments since the referendum and claimed the massive hit to the economy from brexit is worth the eventual benefits that we may have to wait 50 years for and yet voted against extending the school meal scheme ought know quite a bit about shame.

However along with veracity it appears to be missing or at least redefined in the lexicon of new Conservatism that has infested Whitehall from 55 Tufton Street. It turns out “thinking of the children” is the last thing conservatives actually do despite it being the default sub heading for most conservative policies.