COP Out 26

Humanity’s last chance at staving off catastrophe slither off to their various bolt holes to fill the bunkers and increase their investments in artificial intelligence and automated farming, robotics & weapons.

It’s not very hard to extrapolate the plan. Let’s face it if the machines can do all that do those rich folk really need us fleshy automatons they traditionally rely on for manual labour? How much tax could they not pay? Is negative tax a thing? I’m not an accountant but I honestly suspect there is, somewhere, some business benefiting from negative tax rates. Probably in the UK but who would know? The BBC seems to think balance is maintained by parroting the Government at prime time while covering the corruption & lies on excellent outlier programmes almost designed to be ignored by the majority of the population.

I found two of the arguments against action particularly galling, the most egregious of which is obviously. I paraphrase multiple delegates…

We can’t be expected to change the entire energy infrastructure of the world overnight. There needs to be a transition period in order to phase out fossil fuels

It sounds so reasonable unless you are one of the billions who have been shouting this message for 30 years, minimising driving, flying, watching the bloody water level in the kettle, turning off lights, comforted by the empty green-wash shit constantly spewing from the sewer of the “free market”

We’ve been shouting for at least 30 years that this moment was coming. The public & politicians are perfectly happy to accept all the benefits of science from computing, modern medicine, farming, logistics, financial trading, communications, modern materials, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals but apparently climate science is all bollocks. This sentiment is usually expressed on a digital computer constructed of insanely complex multilayered silicone circuits utilising streams of electrons & artificial materials all powered by vast utility systems connecting hydro electric, nuclear, wind and who knows what else, cross continental power grids run by computers & need & greed.

I once tried to express this to an individual who raged on twitter when a politician suggested we all benefit from a university education. It is very hard to explain to someone in 140 characters that every single aspect of modern life is a benefit of university educations. That’s the fecking beauty. We don’t all have to be clever or motivated. Let’s face it when people say “humanity are amazing” and “look at what we have achieved!” they are not normally talking about you, forgive me if you are some national hero inadvertently caught up in the reader’s letters page while munching on your once yearly keep up with the plebs cod ‘n’ chips November special.

In public these COP26 representatives & influential billionaires act as if this is all new to them. Incredulous that the climate is in such a terrible state. That no one has acted until now. As if every flight they took in the last 20 years wasn’t undertaken with the full knowledge of the damage it was doing to the environment. Sound familiar reader?

Today’s politicians can’t be held accountable for the decisions of their predecessors. In the UK though the first past the post electoral system, abandoned by most modern democracies, means the majority government will almost always represent a minority of the electorate.

In the United Kingdom that majority party representing a minority of the electorate accepts huge donations at both party & candidate level from many fossil fuel interests, insists that public accountability is via a 17th century electoral system in which the government is its own judge & juror of its behaviour and is committed to licensing new North sea oil fields, commissioning new coal plants & reducing duty on internal flights which are already cheaper then the same journey by rail/.

The UK has reduced the duty on internal flights.
The UK is commissioning new coal plants.
The UK is granting new North Sea Gas licences.
The UK is a rogue state.

The sooner the international community rescinds the legitimacy of this regime, the shorter the period of painful chaos its inhabitants will have to endure.

Please remember half of us have had our EU rights unwillingly torn from us by an undemocratic and corrupt regime.