Unlike a second wave

It all seems a bit of a shock to some people, such as those hampered by an expensive private education at an elite school where they gained a first in soggy biscuit and an honours in splashing the cash in exchange for homework and other favours, but the second wave was inevitable after all the hapless shittery The Conservatives have inflicted on us while incidentally enriching their chums.

Image of a bar chart showing a steep hump for the 1st peak and a second rise in numbers to a point much higher and rising.
Daily Covid-19 case rate in the UK to 23rd September 2020 – Source: Johns Hopkins University Covid Tracker.

However even I couldn’t predict motivating myself enough to sit down on my arse in front of a keyboard and dust off the old website. Even as I type this I can’t be sure I’ll manage to transfer this local test data, such as this post to the live site. I might just lose interest and wander off. Stranger things have happened. A saying we can assume is a silent prefix for everything these days.

Really Twitter has a lot to answer for. I’ve been ranting a bit about our crappy government, electoral system, cryptic mystery constitution, etc… So just as they intend, once you’re posting things there, it becomes less convenient doing it here, where incidentally no one is going to see it.

After I posted a few links to the netflix documentary The Social Dilemma they took away my ability to post anything. I detest them anyway so that sort of shitty ‘support’ doesn’t make me want to use it more. So ta da…