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January 2021

Winter might provide plenty of material for photography with wild weather, frost, snow & dramatic lighting but it’s also cold, uncomfortable & potentially bad for your equipment. Of course we also need to abide by lockdown rules. Luckily I don’t have to travel for photo opportunities & can take my camera along when I get my outside exercise. So here’s a selection of pictures from January.

As always if you are the subject or guardian of a subject of one of these photos I’m happy to email you a print quality copy. Just use the contact form to get in touch.

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19th December Kite Surfers

Challenging but rewarding light as always at Lancing beach in the winter. Most of the kite surfers were just finishing up as I got down there which is a double blessing. The beach is a non-stop, 360°, variable light, photo opportunity. When looking through the view finder there is a constant sense that just out of sight to one side, 5 marmosets, 2 pangolin and a leopard are performing The Madness of King George by Alan Bennet whilst wearing roller skates.

Equally when there’s 16 kite surfers there’s a much greater chance I’m pointing the camera at the ‘wrong’ one at any given time.

All images copyright © J.Sears

. All rights reserved.

October shores

A kite surfer hangs high in the air above the surf

I don’t know if there is something geographically special about Lancing beach that makes it a favourite for kite surfers or if it is due to offshore activity regulations or just availability of car park & utilisation etc.. but when the wind blows you know the water will be filled with kite surfers. Lancing Kite Surfing club meets here so perhaps that is reason enough.

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A small fishing boat SM.262

SMS.262 is one of the fishing boats that leave the flag markers along the coast each morning, presumably marking the location of pots or nets?

I love this muted picture of the boat with the large ship in the distance.

A small fishing boat called SM.262 with a large container ship in the distant background
Fishing boat SM.262 faithful tonal reproduction

To me there was a nostalgic feel to it, although it is very much a working boat. So the perfect opportunity to try a little artistic experimentation. The first two use various luminance & colour curves in RawTherapee to ‘age’ the image. The third is produced using an open source haldCLUT tonal profile in RawTherapee (an open source RAW image processor) simulating real film stock.

All images copyright © J.Sears

. All rights reserved.