Ian Bell (RIP 2016) – Vocalist, Alter Ego

Many years ago a group of lads got together and created a band. Who would have thought that from those humble beginnings the members of that band would end up programming computers, working in Insurance, busking, running a Karaoke thingy and joining the police (not the excellent 80’s pop trio I must add).

We didn’t think we’d end up here either. “It’s a shit business” as they say in Royston Vasey, but we had fun anyway.

In a fit of misplaced nostalgia (or maybe wine) I have placed some of our stuff here, to inspire others to go to university and get proper jobs.

Jansta Credit: unknown

So without further ado I present a very small example of the collected works of Alter Ego (and previously Prodigal Son). All works are copyrighted so don’t go selling them, or [insert fictional omnipotent being of choice here] forbid, copying them. You probably shouldn’t even listen to them but that’s your call.

Neil Williams. Credit: unknown
Andy Refault, Ian Bell, Neil Williams. Credit Mark Wallbank.
Ian Harris. Credit: unknown

Sadly singer Ian Bell passed away in 2016 and in tribute bass player Andy resolved to complete his quest to complete a video project that was abandoned after the tragic death of our friend & video-grapher Mark Wallbank.

Together with band members, family & friends of Mark & the band they came up with this great restoration & completion of a 1993 demo video. The lyrics of A New Messiah could have been written today about Donald Trump.

Ian Bell – Alter Ego. Credit: unknown

Second Class by Alter Ego – A song about bigotry & unconscious bias from the early 90’s © Sears / Williams

The music that plays over the end credits of that video is this progressive metal epic, Second Class

Neil meeting Suggs 🙂


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